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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy 2008!!!!!!!!!!

All best wishes x this brand new year!!! (and if you are reading this, a million thanks x still visiting this site)

Hope you enjoyed a nice x-mas with all your dear ones and that these first days of January have brought you a little something of all the wonderful things I wish you experience in the months to come - I'll check with the gods above to make sure you really have all your dreams come true, ok! ; )

Not that I am making any New Year resolutions, but I do hope to be around here a lot more than I have done in the last twelve months. I am currently working on a way to improve internet connection and "network" both PC's at home, so if everything goes ok, I might be able to connect soon to the web from my home PC (right now, only my girl's PC is connected and since she is usually working with it, it's not that I feel like interrupting - ¿what would I say, I mean... "Hey you, stop your damn job and lemme blog a littlebit!!"... I might try that, but then you'd have to read all sad posts about why she left me and that kinda things ; )

Anyways, I am just happy to have time to drop by and see how you are all doing... And don't take me wrong (like I am flirting with you or something like that), but I do believe your are all lokking superb this brand new year.

Besos & Kisses!