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Monday, July 04, 2005

See you soon!!!!

oh, boy!!! am I tired!!!...

Sorry everybody... I'm on vacation again (the last two weeks I had scheduled for this summer)... I've not been able to blog-comment much, but I try to read your blogs on a regular (vacation) basis... Thanks for the comments you have left here too... I have not been around much and I really appreciate that, in spite of my absence, you still stop by to check what's going on with this site... Well, if things work out fine, I'll most probably be visiting Lisbon in a few days... My girlfriend and I have lost countless hours discussing probable destinations and we have finally set down for Portugal's capital, because it sounds like quite an attractive city and very convenient in terms of finding a quality/relaxed stay for a reasonable price (and we are not the "hit-the-beach-on-summer" type either)... Originally we had thought about going to Berlin, but ended up discarding it, due to the fact that we have considered moving there in the future, and if we go for a visit we would like to go for more than a couple of weeks, so that we can really get a hold of what the city might be like... Rome was in our aim too, but it was also discarded because it must be crowded and prices grow shockingly abusive during summer season... Well, as I said before, Lisbon is the chosen... However, don't be surprised if I return to blogging telling you about a wonderful journey to Prague or Southern France... It wouldn't be the first time we changed our minds just in the last minute... Truly, I believe the last word is always said once the bags are packed and we cross the door on our way out...