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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

... and so it will be

Had everything gone right, I should have been leaving for India in about a week, a day more or less... But destiny's been a bit shitty with Mrs. G's health (nothing serious, guys, but she's gotta take it easy for some time), so she's been recommended to avoid long hours of flying (bye, bye Delhi!), watch out strictly what she eats –her liver on strike it seems- (bye, bye delicious and spicy Indian food) and to avoid unnecessary stress, like long rides in crowded trains and things like that (and who, in his sound mind, would want to go India and miss the excitement of what must be one of the most colourful train systems in the world)… AAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

With that on our shoulders, after we had gotten our visas (bye, bye 150 euros!!) and all suggested vaccination (bye, bye other 50 euros!!!... but good thing we had not paid for our tickets yet), we’ve had to retrace steps and go back to Plan B… Plan B which, if chronologically intended, would not really be a Plan B, but more like a former Plan A, once abandoned… Summarizing, we’ll be heading for Rome and southern Italy, as soon as February kicks in. My millions of faithful readers (ok, maybe half a million or less) might remember that I was just about to go to Rome last year, somewhere around March, when I had to start on a new job and basically re-structure most of my life… Ok, I just had to re-structure my work shift and my work place, but you know that I enjoy travelling and planning my visits, so if one of them gets screwed I tend to excessive existential dramatization and really get blue, blue, blue...

Of course, I’m delighted to go to Italy… But I’d been a lot happier if nothing had intervened on the trip to India, I must confess. Reason for heading to Italy is that we’ll be making most of the travelling by sea (which can hardly be stressful to anyone, unless the Mother of all Storms hits your boat, but I seriously doubt that happens in a boring waves sea like the Mediterranean) and any inland connection (either by train or bus) can easily be adapted for short rides… Needless to say, it’s a destiny that we’ve also been longing for, for quite a few years now.

We’ll see what happens…

Kisses mucho, people!

-on another shitty note, I was just about to finish the first chapter for the novel I pretend to write and my PC died... cool, isn't it?... I guess I'll have to get a new piece of junk, but that will have to wait for after I come back (if I have any money left)... First things first, like grandmas like to say)