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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Unfreezing fingers...

It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in Barcelona and, yes, my friends, here am I, at the office, supposedly, working. Supposedly is not much of a supposition, actually. I did come to work this morning, but I’ve finished my share of pending calls and reports and now I just felt like writing. Anything. Because I really miss not having the chance to spend more time in these whereabouts. And because I have those precious seconds…

Now it seems like the right time and the right moment. I enjoy a beautiful view over Barcelona docks and Frank Sinatra sings “That’s Life” on my improvised “sound-surrounding multi stereo system”, set up with my old rundown Sony disc-man and two lousy speakers, since the very first minute I took place on my new working desk, now a few months ago. I am the official and un-official, office DJ (no one else claimed for the position). I sometimes drive people crazy, listening to records, all working-day long, one after another. Most of the times, tough, I make them happy. I’ve got this sort of “musical sixth sense” and I’m ready to catch the moods around to pick just the right piece for the right person at the right moment. I deserve a Nobel prize, I think. But I’m in no hurry. All come to those who wait… Or so, they say (who is they?? By the way)

Time has certainly past since the last day I had enough minutes to be here and allow my thoughts to flow out. And I can tell you: Bloglessness is hard!!. Really hard, if you’ve never truly felt like quitting and you feel so linked to this lost, neglected, site on the web, that it’s virtually impossible not to spend a day without thinking or remembering about the things that you, crazy people, have done and are doing out there (I keep peeping on you, dudes). I know I’ve been out of your lives these past few months, but you’ve definitely not been out of mine. That’s for sure.

Things are not likely to change, though, for the time being. I’m still working on a “one day free a week, if possible” schedule and that’s not going to be different until we reach the last couple of months of the year, when most cruises make their way back home through the Atlantic and low season allow us to recover some breath. That’s the way it is and I did know it before I took this job, so there is no complaining about it. And truly, if I were to complain, I’d be being a complete phoney. Of course, my free time is nothing to envy, but I’m far from saying that’s limited my life in any way. I’ve had and I’m still having a great time at work. I’ve met lots of new and wonderful people, job related, but socially expansible and, on top of all, I’ve been to Amsterdam twice to assist on some new operations the company is developing (something I did not expect at all –so soon, at least- when joining in, but certainly did come as a superb surprise and a more than challenging experience)…

One more thing I’ve learned, as a direct consequence of my limited free time: “If the day is too short, you’ve still got the whole night ahead”. Make that hot, humid, crazy summer nights and the lesson is certainly worth taking.

(not necessarily related, but I went to see Pearl Jam, a couple of nights ago, and they were fucking amazing… I just had to say it… I think I lost like five pounds just jumping and sweating… which now leaves me with an overweight of… well, forget it)


Blogger PBS said...

Glad to hear that everything is going well for you, but we've missed you...

4:47 PM  
Blogger bostezo said...

Hello you!! It's always nice to catch those inspirational moments to write, especially if is about anything.
The other time I recall listening the "things happen to those who wait" phrase was in the Hedwig and the Angry inch Musical, although it said “good things”.
Hope to read you soon.

8:41 PM  
Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

I keep peeping on you, dudes I'm peeping on you too! ;)

And I simply CANNOT work without's like asking me to breathe without oxygen. :)

8:31 PM  

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